It wasn't all bad in 2020.

A really tough year lots of digging deep both professionally + personally but in 2020 I got married! #2020marriage #shoplocal #b2btelemarketing #marketing (read more)

How can Webinar Telemarketing add value to your business?

Our #webinar #telemarketing offers the personal touch, targets a better audience giving more value and better ROI. #b2btelemarketing #marketing (read more)

It is good to talk but far more important to listen.

If we can all stick together, we will get through these hard times, communication is the key. #businesssupport #2bbtelemarketing #telemarketingconsultancy (read more)

The Key is finding opportunities ahead of time.

Yesterday we opened our doors again and it was so lovely to catch up with many of our clients old and new and to talk to them directly to find out how they... (read more)

Change - You love it or Fear it.

Not only has technology changed the way we make calls, it changes the way we nurture relationships over the phone. How do we keep up with these changes? #Telemarketing #Goals. #Appointments #Leads #outsource (read more)
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