It wasn't all bad in 2020.

There have been times when I have felt so vulnerable, scared and being a positive person, I have had to dig deep at times through 2020, like we all have but we are still here to tell the tale.

This is a personal post because we are all human and it has been a really hard time, but lessons have been learnt and we will all get through this Lockdown 3. I just hope that 2021 is going to be a kinder year for all of us, once the vaccine is rolled out, surely it must be.

Personally - My lovely Bobby Brown, our Chocolate Lab, got very sick and we had the awful experience of parking in the car park when he was so very ill. Not allowed to go in with him, sadly we had to say goodbye.

Then my parents had a terrible fall and my poor dad had a fracture at the base of his spin so experienced the fear of a hospital and being petrified of catching Covid. My mum was struggling day to day but luckily no broken bones. They, like many other elderly parents, have really struggled through, thank goodness for Zoom.

Professionally - Trying to stay positive but when I woke up in the morning back in March having had all the telemarketers working full pelt, to then receive email after email postponing campaigns due to Covid. At the time I totally understood our client’s situation, but it was horrendous as we went from fully booked to nothing. That was tough!

However there have been some positives:


I got MARRIED in October 2020, so we experienced a Covid Wedding which was very weird but hilarious as well. We got married on the quiet only having 8 guests due to the restrictions. I am now Mrs Lesley Alford, but I have not changed my name in business as my friend advised me not too due to the confusion it caused her, so I took that on board.

I feel that due to Covid we have all become more thankful for what we have and appreciate the little things in life much more. Above all I think that people have a lot more empathy, are far more transparent and honest.

We are working from home and we are telemarketing for several clients, so I am pleased to say Lockdown 3 is no where near as bad as Lockdown 1 was for Talkmarketing. So there is another positive, Happy New Year to you all, take care everyone and stay healthy.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 7 January 2021 | permalink | comment

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