I am NOT asking you to opt-in to our emails!


Phew, am I glad that May 25th has arrived. How many emails did you receive asking you to ‘opt in’? Were you like me and in the end, just ignored them!

The good news is, I am NOT going to ask you to opt in again to receive emails.

“Why not?” I hear you ask.

Because, for a lot of purposes, I don’t need to.

At Talkmarketing our lawful ground for processing is ‘legitimate interests’ (such as in sending you value based, non-marketing emails) which means we don't need consent as well.

And for marketing purposes, if legally, we do need to get your consent for sending you marketing emails and we haven't already obtained a GDPR standard of consent from you, we will not send you marketing emails, (unless or until we have legally obtained that GDPR standard of consent.)

If it is the case that legally we need to obtain that consent from you for our marketing emails, we’re not going to be requesting that consent – because, frankly, we are sure you have had quite enough of people asking you that.

Where we are legally able to email you, you will always be able to opt out of any emails at any time, however, at Talkmarketing we very rarely send emails as we tend to talk to people directly, because that’s the nature of our business.

Our call system has been fully updated and we are fully GDPR compliant.

For our clients (and us) there are three lawful types which we adhere to for marketing purposes, and they are: Consent, Contract and Legitimate Interest.

To successfully comply for our clients, we obtain from them the exact channel they need to use and these fall into: Email, Telephone or Direct Mail.

It does all depend upon each client’s requirements; it may be that they only need an Email Marketing Campaign, or it could be a Telesales Campaign coupled with a Direct Mail one. We clearly mark onto each client’s Privacy Profile the routes they take and ensure the relevant compliances are adhered to.

Please be assured that you can tele-market and use tele-sales within your business. You do need to target your audience and make sure that all data is verified to GDPR, PECR and TPS standards and although this does incur a small cost, you will have the peace of mind that everything you are doing is 100% correct.

Should you require any assistance with data cleansing, remember, we can fully verify your data to ensure it is fully GDPR compliant. Please get in touch on 01424 57665 or email us info@talkmarketing.co.uk or visit our website and fill in a form: https://www.talkmarketing.co.uk/contact-us.html.and we’ll get back to you to arrange a consultation.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 31 May 2018 | permalink | comment

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