“So how do I market after GDPR?” 

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“So how do I market after GDPR?” A question I have been asked numerous times, I hope this information helps:

At Talkmarketing we use two data providing companies, both of whom we have worked with for many years. The data they pass on is fully GDPR Compliant and therefore, if you are using that data, you won’t have to worry about obtaining direct consent from the individuals and companies.

The data is newly developed, up-to-date, accurate, PAF checked and all emails addresses are live and valid. The data is supplied in excel format and information fields are bespoke to the clients’ requirements, maybe covering the following: Company Name, Full Address, Contact Name, Contact Job Title, Contact Email Address, Telephone Number, Type of Business, Sic Code, Number of Employees, Turnover and Company URL.

Buying lists of data is ok under Legitimate Interest.

  • All and any data that identifies an individual is covered by GDPR - including B2B & B2C
  • Cold calling to businesses is allowed under “Legitimate Interest” based on the balancing test, i.e. is it in the interest of both parties? Obviously, it’s in the interest of the person doing the calling, but the question is whether it’s in the interest of the person being called. This comes down to having a suitably targeted list and therefore deciding that the subject of the call would be of interest to the recipient.
  • Email Marketing will follow the same suit as Cold Calling
  • Email tracking can only be done if the recipient agrees to it. If there is a webpage with a signup to a newsletter, that page needs to also say how their data will be used, including how emails would be tracked. If that permission is not in place, then emails should not be tracked. Remember that everything should be clear and unambiguous, so how data will be used must be in plain sight.
  • Website tracking is an interesting one. If the IP only gives a company then it’s fine, but if it is effectively tracking an individual then the individual needs to give their permission.

Under the ‘Legitimate Interest’ clause you can contact restricted types of businesses without direct consent provided you have a product or service which may be of interest to them. Please be assured that you can freely use data for cold contact marketing and you aren’t breaking any laws.

The reason I am blogging this information is to reassure you that Talkmarketing is fully GDPR compliant, our data suppliers are fully GDPR compliant and you can effectively market your business.

If you have any other concerns or worries about marketing since GDPR took place then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01424 57665 or email us info@talkmarketing.co.uk or visit our website and fill in a form: https://www.talkmarketing.co.uk/contact-us.html.and we’ll get back to you to arrange a consultation

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