Marketing after GDPR

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25th May! The dreaded day came and went - the dust is still settling and yet, still, there is work to be done, data to be cleansed and/or sorted, consents to be gained, tempers to be frayed and life to go on. But we’re happy.

Talkmarketing’s CRM System.

We’ve been busily sorting our CRM system and are happy to say it has been fully updated with GDPR functions. There must be a valid lawful basis in order to process personal data and there are six available lawful bases for processing. No single basis is ’better’ or more important than the others – which basis is most appropriate to use will depend on your purpose and relationship with the individual.

Most lawful bases require that processing is ‘necessary’.

For all our client’s accounts, when any data is uploaded, the lawful basis is entered on the system and we’re finding that these three bases are the ones that predominately relate to our client’s databases.

Consent – this can be obtained verbally, via email ‘opting in’ or face to face, filling in a form.

Contract – Existing clients, when a contract is in place.

Legitimate Interest – This is key for telemarketing / telesales. This lawful type allows one to contact cold and warm contacts because the service or product that one is approaching them about will be of interest and will enhance their business.

We hold this information within the Privacy profile section for each client on our CRM system and dependent upon each client contract, we clearly show how we contact their contacts:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Direct Mail.

Within Talkmarketing each Contract and Client is different, so we are asked to hold data for several reasons: Email marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Mail. This makes us the Data Processor and the client, the Data Controller.

All data must be verified now, if it is data that you have held in your system for some time and you have not asked for specific consent then this data needs to be verified under the new GDPR, PECR and TPS.

If the data is clients who you have previously spoken to, but not for a few months then this needs to be verified.

If the data is existing clients, then that means that there will no doubt be a Contract in place and this then covers for GDPR.

If the data is contacts that you have previously emailed, and you have obtained the individual’s consent to receive the email, then this will cover for GDPR.

Telemarketing campaigns may well complete within a set time frame, but if the campaign is still running after four months then we will verify the data again to make sure that any changes or deletions are uploaded and amended on our system.

This reassures our clients that Talkmarketing is operating in the correct way and adhering to the GDPR, PECR and TPS – being fully compliant.

If you need to verify your data, we can do this for you. There is a charge of 1p for each record checked plus £20 processing fee per file. Minimum order £35 plus VAT - Fines can be up to 4% of your turnover so investing in this verification makes sense.

Please do get in touch if you need your data to be verified. Or, if you have any marketing requirements. Please get in touch on 01424 57665 or email us or visit our website and fill in a form: we’ll get back to you to arrange a consultation

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