"Oh, you are one of them!"

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Having tele-marketed for years, I cannot begin to tell you how many times when explaining what I do, I have been greeted with ‘Oh you are one of them’.  They mean Cold Callers because the  job title has so many negative connotations. Unfortunately, because of this, people are immediately on their guard but actually, I love being able to explain how I do the job.

For starters, I never, ever start a call with ‘Hi, my name is Lesley, is it ok to call you Sue’ because that is so wrong!  In fact, if anybody cold calls me and their opening line is that, the conversation is very quickly, over.  Like everybody else, I find these calls extremely annoying. 

Let me tell you how we do things differently (and in my opinion, better.) When any of my team calls you we immediately introduce ourselves, explain the reason for calling, establish a need and if you don’t have one that matches, we will politely say ‘Thank you for your time and good bye.’

The reason for this is simple: if you do have a need then you will be happy to listen to us. It is a proven fact that when marketing, using any method, the prospects that are in need of the goods or services on offer, will indicate their interest within the first few seconds of being approached and this is the same whether it is through a telemarketing call, an email, a web offer or even an advertisement on TV.

We love what we do - we really do but we hate that so many organisations out there, mainly call centres, adopt this uninvited ‘personal’ approach.  We know it just does not work, and that is why we do not do it and why we do not operate as a ‘call centre’ but rather as a telemarketing consultancy. Our team members work from their own homes and are not paid by the number of calls they make. They are encouraged to thoroughly research the product or services we are aiming to deliver and to take the time to fully explain the full features and benefits so that prospects can make informed decisions, but, and this is where we’re different, they only do this, once they have established that the prospect is interested.

We are professional telemarketers who adhere to the rules, we get to the point and this, ultimately means we get results.  

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 5 April 2017 | permalink | comment

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