Beastly weather.


IT does seem peculiar to the British Isles that whenever there is snow, everything seems to grind to a halt. We were laughing at this. In Canada they have snow drifts that are taller than the average house, yet they manage to carry on as if nothing was happening. Here, we get an inch of snow and traffic comes to a standstill, schools are closed, trains stop running and even airports close down.

It certainly made us happy that we are telemarketers and not postmen!

And the good news?

We sit at our desks in front of our PCs and spend our days making telephone calls. We then enter the details of our conversations into our reporting software, ready for our clients to check.

No commuting, no driving and definitely no waiting for buses or trains. Which of course, means no trudging in the snow.

We are snugly wrapped up and ready to work, which means we come across on our calls as being cheerful and professional.

If you need the human touch injecting into your marketing strategy, give us a call... we can take over the marketing and you can go play in the snow and build a snowman!

Call us today for a free, no obligation chat. 01424 576658

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 1 March 2018 | permalink | comment

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