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Within the world of business there are various methods of marketing, one such method being that of lead generation.  Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business - in other words, generating leads is the beginning of a process of which the ideal outcome will be more sales.  There are several ways of generating new leads for a business, and we have compiled a list of the Top 3 Ways of Lead Generation for your business:


TalkMarketing's Top 3 Lead Generation Tips

Networking: Whether you are attending a formal business networking group or you are chatting about your business with people you have met whilst walking the dog, or down at the gym, or at the school gates, you are spreading the word about what it is you do. TalkMarketing are regulars at several business networking events and we have secured leads, interest in TalkMarketing and what it is that we do, and subsequently converted those leads into actual business. But we also know of companies who have received referrals through other parents at the school, and yes, even whilst walking the dog.

Social Media: Businesses who succeed in securing clients through the use of social media are businesses that understand which social media platform is best suited for both themselves as a company and as the platform that their current and potential clients are using the most. As a general rule of thumb, B2B businesses will thrive better on LinkedIn and B2C businesses will fare better on Facebook. If you use any social media you will no doubt have seen a business recommendation, or indeed received a lead yourself via an online social networking site. Social media works for lead generation, but you have to understand exactly what you're doing as everything you say and do is open to public scrutiny.

Telemarketing: You didn't think we'd leave this one out now did you? Telemarketing remains one of the most tried and tested forms of lead generation - and it's still about because, quite simply, it works. And as a bonus point for telemarketing, it complements all other forms of lead generation. That contact that you made down the gym? Call them. The Facebook post recommending your services? Call the business you were recommended to. The person who viewed your profile on LinkedIn? You guessed it - call them. Picking up the telephone cements the relationship, keeps that lead alive and well, and can ultimately turn that lead into a sale.

Combining the three processes above will prove effective for your company, but if you don't have the time to manage lead generation as well as run your own business consider outsourcing all or part of your marketing strategies. If you would like to learn more about lead generation and how you can use it to improve your business' sales call us on 01424 576658 - we love talking and we love helping other companies to grow their business.

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