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The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services.”

Finding quality leads for your sales team can be a daunting task. We are experts at managing ‘cold’ calling and actually enjoy doing it.

But, how do you turn a database into a list of warm leads?

The answer is that ‘you’ don’t, we do. Over the years we have perfected our approach to potential customers; an approach that is friendly and informative, rather than annoying or interruptive.

We take the time to ‘talk’ to the prospects we call and build a rapport with them before introducing the product or service we are marketing.

Sometimes, we merely do telephone surveys of the database prospects in order to ascertain whether or not the product or service is one that is in demand.

This in itself can produce results that can save our clients time and money. If we find that the service or products are not in demand or needed by the prospects, there is no point in spending time on a campaign to sell – and we wouldn’t have had to call everyone on the database – a small selection would have given us the knowledge needed to make the decision about time to promote.

On the upside, when we do find the product or service is in demand, we can easily promote it and gain ready-made customers for our client to market to.

All of this, however is dependent upon the data we use being clean and up-to-date, which we’ll tell you all about in our next blog posting!

See you soon.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 30 August 2017 | permalink | comment

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