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Not many people know this but we also offer a service whereby we help to promote events. We didn’t want to put the page on the website as ‘event marketing’ because that phrase immediately makes people think of companies like ‘eventbrite’ and of course, we are not offering anything like what they offer.

No, what we do is help to promote an event, to market the event to direct consumers. We help generate attendees by using targeted outbound telephone marketing.

Seminars, conferences, events – these are all rated by B2B as effective ways in which to generate more sales, but sending out letters, flyers and emails or just using social media, although powerful, isn’t necessarily the best strategy because most people are ‘emailed’ out or might not see the social media posting.

We know that speaking directly to your invitees is the best way of generating and ensuring attendance. It’s also a way of finding out why invitees may not be planning to attend and/or engaging with those who are wanting to attend but just can’t make the date.

In house, we refer to this service as ‘getting bums on seats’ but we like to be a little bit more professional, hence the title, ‘Marketing of Events’ but essentially, what we do is find you people that want to attend your event.

To find out more about this service, or any of the other great things we do, please visit our website.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 27 September 2017 | permalink | comment

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