So why should you go for Outsourced Telemarketing Over In house?

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This is a very big decision to make, over the last 20 years (gosh how time flies), I have worked with many SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) and initally many have said: ‘when I started the business, I wore many hats but now we have grown I need to either employ a telemarketer or I need to look at outsourcing’. The next question I hear is what are the benefits and value for outsourcing telesales / telemarketing?


Although the price of outsourcing can initially seem expensive, it can be easy to forget the expense involved with in-house telemarketing services. The cost involved in hiring, training, equipment, management of a telemarketing team continues to be a problematic area for companies, especially SMEs. For this reason, outsourcing to a Telemarketing Consultancy will continue to be a cost-effective and a profitable way of doing telemarketing.

At Talkmarketing - We initially run a pilot campaign which covers as many hours as you want, we will work at your pace! We do not tie you into long contracts, as we appreciate that you may want to ‘test the water’.


Although you may feel like you have more control being able to manage your own in-house telemarketing team, I hear time and time again that the telemarketer gets pulled off the campaign to assist with other areas of the business and consequently the ‘cold calling’ and telemarketing just does not take place. When you outsource to a professional telemarketing consultancy there are no distractions, calls are made all day every day the job will get done!

Calls made in house can vary substantially, calls when outsourced will always be anything from a call rate of 60 up to 180 calls per day. The more calls that are made the more results will be achieved. It isn’t rock science really, outsourcing doesn’t mean that you lose control what it means is it enables you to concentrate on your core activities and grow.

At Talkmarketing – Every day we report back advising on calls made, decision makers spoken to and qualifying appointments with decision makers - you will always know how your campaign is progressing.


Telemarketing Consultancies frequently update and change their processes to meet licencing/ law changes, as well as meet high industry standards to stay in the game. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was implemented in May this year, meant that a number of companies had to evaluate the ways they were handling personal data to ensure they were compliant with new laws.

As a result, telemarketing consultancies ensure their telemarketers are highly skilled and compliant with new practices.

At Talkmarketing - Our online telemarketing database offers our clients 24/7 coverage of all the calls and comments as we make them - We have nothing to hide and are fully GDPR compliant.


I personally feel this is the biggest benefit for SME’s, when telemarketing is outsourced it means that you and your staff can get on with what you are best at and enjoy. It is a known fact that not many people like ‘cold calling’ and when outsourced to a professional telemarketing consultancy the calls are made and results are achieved. Without putting any effort in yourself you will be notified of qualified appointments with decision makers and that door is opened, all you have to do is close it.

At Talkmarketing - Our CRM (customer relation management) system reminds us of scheduled call backs so we can catch decision makers when out of meetings, this does increase the decision maker call rate.

Time is money! I have been running Talkmarketing Limited for many years now and if you would be interested to find out more about how Talkmarketing can help grow your business, then please do give us a call on 01424 576658.

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