Change, you either love it or hate it.

As a business owner, I find it extremely challenging to keep up with the changes that take place within my industry sector and I know that my friends who are also business owners find this exhausting too. So how do we all keep up with these changes and move with the times – change you either love it or hate it.

In recent years the development of digital marketing and advancements in technology has led to a discussion of whether the digital age has changed telemarketing practices for the better or worse. Technology, such as the internet and social media platforms like LinkedIn, I talk about this platform particularly as this is the one that works for my business; personally I think it makes us work smarter and what I mean by that is, it allows telemarketers to conduct a quality check to ensure we are speaking to the correct contact.

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Likewise, social media allows us to gain knowledge on the business, this means when we come to make personal contact via telemarketing, the call will no longer be cold but timely and appropriate.

Not only has technology changed the way we make calls, but it changes the way we nurture relationships over the phone. Making connections with prospects is a vital part of nurturing leads, having nurtured customers it provides added value that makes the telemarketing call no longer feel like a sales call, but in fact, part of the normal communication process.

In my view Telemarketing has changed for the better. If you are using social media, then also consider running a telemarketing campaign alongside, it is very powerful and does work, we know as we do it every day for various industries.

To find out more about how telemarketing can help your business in 2020 give us a call on 01424 576658.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 7 January 2020 | permalink | comment

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