The Key is finding opportunities ahead of time.

Yesterday we opened our doors again and it was so lovely to catch up with many of our clients old and new and to talk to them directly to find out how they are and how they are coping during these unprecedented times. If you want your business to be heard, the key is finding opportunities ahead of time. How? It is simple, pick up the phone and talk, never underestimate the power of a professional telemarketing call.

I telemarketed yesterday and spoke to a targeted manufacturing company director who said that he has had to reduce costs across the board due to a spending freeze, and he continued with ‘and there is nothing he can do right now’. This could have been the end of the call, but I used specific empathy (a great telemarketing tool, when used correctly):

“I definitely understand the cost concerns with everything going on right now, I have had to make some cuts at Talkmarketing that have everyone on edge about spending; however, I am sure our service can not only benefit you but save your company money as well.”


The conversation continued and we both discussed how challenging and turbulent times are right now. By the end of the call we had arranged a zoom meeting next week for me to discuss our appointment setting service with his team. Why am I telling you this? I am extremely passionate about helping businesses and I love to listen to the concerns or challenges and overcome them, sometimes you just cannot see the wood between the trees. I want to help businesses through the turbulent times, so if you are reading this please remember in today’s ‘new world’ there is a lot of business to be had, if you are not confident making sales calls then let us help. We can make appointments for your sales team and as we are now in this virtual world and video calling is the ‘new normal’ Appointments are being made on Zoom every day, which saves time and money so its not all bad.

How would it feel if we could make you appointments, or your team appointments and you could thrive and it could make a big difference to your business if not right now but in the future after lockdown. Telemarketing really does work and we love helping our clients to get their business heard and to stay ahead during Covid 19. If this resonates with you then please let us help you, call for a chat on 01424 576658.

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 19 May 2020 | permalink | comment

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