How can Webinar Telemarketing add value to your business?

Prior to Covid19 organisations use to hold face to face events and exhibitions and we helped our clients get ‘bums on seats’ but Covid19 put a stop to that. We all had a very steep learning curve and had to change how we worked and instead of ‘Bums on Seats’ ‘we now help our clients with ‘Webinar Telemarketing’.

What is ‘Webinar Telemarketing'?

Putting a webinar together takes time, money and lots of effort and the success of the webinar depends on your effort of finding the right audience. So whether your purpose is to introduce a new product to the market or you want to let some of the leading companies in your industry know about a new service you are offering, make your invitation to your webinar personal and let us give your contacts a call.

Still promote your webinar through social media because we all know how powerful all the platforms are but making a telephone call and inviting them along brings in the personal touch.

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When on the phone we can discuss what the webinar is about, explain the benefits and how it could enhance and add value to their business.

Using open ended questions, we establish their needs and listen to make sure the fit is right. There is no point in inviting people who do not have a need.

If they are uncertain or have any objections, we can discuss this immediately, overcoming the objection and putting their mind at rest.

Once we establish all these points, we can then offer to book them on to the webinar there and then, so no hassle for them. We can email their invite, establishing their direct email on the call.

Promoting webinars effectively does take time and planning, but done in the correct way and with our help we will ensure that we talk to the right people, gain their interest and book them on, immediately adding value to your business.

Results have shown from some of our clients that have used our Webinar telemarketing service that our call has bought in a better audience, who have a need and therefore are more willing to buy their service or product giving the Company a better ROI - Return on Investment.

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We know that Webinars work in this ‘new normal’ and we also know that we can add value to your business with our Webinar telemarketing service; we are keen to help companies through this pandemic, interested then please do not hesitate to give me a call on 01424 576658.

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