What would make you say "yes" and listen to a telemarketer ? 

image 1The phone rings, you answer it and immediately you hear 'Hi how are you? Are you having a good day?  Is it ok to call you Anne?" 

It is quite likely that your response is immediate annoyance because you have been interrupted by a complete stranger who is now attempting to befriend you.
This annoyance increases because you are probably right in the middle of doing something that is important for your business, which means you have no time to waste listening to someone you don't know and whatever the caller now says, you are quite simply, not interested, and it doesn't matter what value the product or service would give you, you don't want to listen - all you want to do is end the conversation.  
How many of you relate to this situation? 
Let's now see what would happen if:
The phone rings, you answer it and you hear,
"Hello, it's Emma calling from QCIS, could I speak to Anne please?"
You respond with "Yes it's Anne speaking."
Emma continues...
"The reason I am calling is to advise you of a grant which is available for your type of business that you are eligible to have, would this interest you?" 
Now are you listening?
Is it because it is a direct, professional conversation offering a product which will give value to you as the client? 
Any business telephone call needs to be direct, informative and offering value for it to be effectively received by the recipient.
At Talkmarketing we do this day after day after day - it's what we do!
Therefore, if you want people to listen to you then why don't you outsource your cold calling to the professionals? 
Posted by Lesley Roberts on 21 February 2017 | permalink | comment

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