A Day In the Life Of A Telemarketer

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A friend asked me the other day to describe to her what a day in the life of a telemarketer was actually about.  I thought about it and asked her why she wanted to know. She answered that she thought it must be such a boring job, just doing the same thing every day; talking on the phone to potential contacts. I laughed, because although it is true that we do spend most of the day on the phone, the ‘what’ we talk about, changes from day to day because we cover such a variety of industry sectors. 

Whenever we start a new campaign, we spend time researching the product or service that our client is offering. If we don’t understand the offer, we can’t possibly expect to be able to convey the right message; it is therefore vital that we carry out our research in a measured and specific manner. 

Next, we check the data. We will not use any database until we have checked it for accuracy and through the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) – we pride ourselves on being legal.

Once the research is done and we’re happy with the database, we start the calling.

For me, the best part of the day is when we establish from a contact that they really do have a need for the service or product that we are discussing.  The call unfolds and I believe we make a difference; we help people become aware that they really do need the service or product on offer.  We passionately explain the features, benefits and advantages and discuss and overcome the objections along the way. The good news is that if someone does throw up an objection, we know they are really interested. I think it is a peculiar talent, specific to us telemarketers, that enables us to listen, to overcome objections, to establish a connection – sometimes, we even have a giggle or two.  We do make a difference to the end of the sales funnel, we do get results for our clients and we get the satisfaction of knowing we are doing our job with integrity and passion. So, I was able to tell me friend that my job is never boring and the reason why I do what I do, is that I truly believe that telemarketing is the most effective marketing tool available – we are more personal, more truthful and we take the time to really explain the product or service that we’re encouraging the contact to buy.

If you would like to find out more about the way we work, please do look at our website. You can find us on facebook too. Our web address is www.talkmarketing.co.uk.


Posted by Lesley Roberts on 29 March 2017 | permalink | comment

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