The Evolution of Talkmarketing.

My work Anniversary came up on LinkedIn this week, stating 11 years, it is in fact longer I have 21 years’ experience within the telemarketing sector. It then got me thinking about how telemarketing and my business has changed over the years. Major changes have taken place, which I suppose you could term as ‘The Evolution of Telemarketing’ or should I say, ‘The Evolution of Talkmarketing’.

Gone are to days when I used a business directory and made cold calls, believe it or not back in the day that is how I used to do it, crazy I know. I remember, the focus of telemarketing calls was to make a sale. I would be expected to convince the prospect to sign up for a trial service or sell a certain number of products on every call I made.

These days, instead of making one-off sales, now we think about the lifetime value of a customer and to build long lasting relationships with the decision makers we are calling. Placing the focus on communication rather than sales, this has helped many businesses and Talkmarketing to create more productive Business to Business (B2B) relationships and find clients with high lifetime values.

Technology has played a huge part in the evolution of Talkmarketing, when I started the business, we used word documents and spreadsheets for reporting; over the years we have taken on board the fabulous CRM systems which are now available, and our reporting is generated as we call and is recorded on our telemarketing CRM system. It makes me laugh when I think how we used to work in the early days, and it was only the work anniversary on Linked in that highlighted these memories.

I think the most valued part of Talkmarketing is my team, over the years I have had some great telemarketers, Lyn who is my longest standing telemarketer believe it or not has been with me for nearly 10 years. To run a successful business it is hard work, it does include some tough times and some amazing ones too. I feel blessed that through all the changes, we have progressed, grown and become a fabulous telemarketing consultancy, helping many local companies grow their business.

I am very thankful to all the businesses that have used our services over the years, extremely grateful to my wonderful team who without them I would not have a business.

Here is to many more years, making a difference and helping decision makes become aware that they really do need the service or product on offer.

There is no picture, just my words because I just really wanted to say Thank you !

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 25 January 2019 | permalink | comment

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