Insurance - something everybody needs in some form or another. It is one of the most expensive things people buy, that they can’t see, touch, or hold.  Selling insurance means that you are selling ideas, selling trust, selling promises, but above all, you are selling yourself.  Whether you need to sell life insurance, mortgage protection, disability and critical illness insurance, or annuities, the goal is the same: grow leads and increase sales.

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5 Top Tips For Selling Insurance

Talk Less, Listen More: As tempting as it is to sit down and begin explaining all the benefits of your insurance policies and plans, the best thing you can do is let the prospect lead the discussion. By really listening and hearing what they have to say you will be able to tailor your sale directly to their requirements.

Present Solutions: Instead of jumping into a sales pitch about the great discounts you are offering, explain to your customer how what you are offering can help solve a problem they currently have, or potential problem down the road. People are much more likely to purchase products that resolve problems and provide them with peace of mind. And if you have followed the point above you will have an understanding of what problems your client may have.

Focus On Features: It's a well-known adage in sales that you sell the features not the benefits. Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of an insurance policy, first highlight how having insurance will help them in terms they can relate to. And at the risk of repetition, if you have really listened to your prospect you will know how to tailor your pitch at the right level for them.

Love What You Do: Successful sales people enjoy selling: In order to be truly successful in business, you have to love your job and believe in your product/services. People who enjoy what they are doing experience less stress and a higher success rate.

Outsource Sales: Selling is an essential skill - we are all trying to sell something; but it doesn't come naturally to all of us. If you don't feel confident in selling then outsource your sales to a company with a proven track record in gaining the leads that you need.

Here at TalkMarketing we have extensive experience of helping Insurance companies with their sales and marketing so if you would like assistance with your business needs please get in touch with us.

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