Judging people by their voice?

image 1When networking or at an event, many people make judgements and put people into a box which is wrong but, also, true.  Did you know that some people do exactly the same when on a telephone call - they judge the person they're talking to by the tone of their voice.  Even though they can't see the person, they will still make that judgement. 

What can you do to prevent this happening to you or if it does happen, how can you ensure that the judgement they make is the right one? 
Firstly, you need to make sure that you are smiling because, believe it or not, the person at the end of the telephone will be able to 'hear' your smile.
Stand up so that you feel in control - as mad as that sounds it is true that standing up whilst making a telephone call gives you a feeling that you are in control and powerful!
Never, ever say 'um' because it comes across that you may not be confident about what you are talking about. 
Remember  you have just seven seconds to make an impact - to make an impression; which is exactly the same as if you were face-to-face with them, so you need to be to the point, to be factual, remember to use your personality and most importantly, listen. 
Make sure you have pointers, (we call it a prompt sheet,) in front of you covering the features, benefits and bullet points to use as a guide and this will stop you from getting tongue tied. 
Prepare your script, plan your call and you will feel confident and in control. Practice makes perfect, but if you struggle with this, call us as we do this day after day for all types of businesses.
Posted by Lesley Roberts on 28 February 2017 | permalink | comment

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