Pink Champagne - Result!


Why do I love my job?  Let me explain:  At Talkmarketing, we have been working with an organisation that has only been trading for a couple of years. They were experiencing difficulty in finding new customers, so they came to us and although initially slightly sceptical, they decided to give us a try. 

We started telemarketing for them and made several appointments for their sales force.  After the first month, their sales team were visiting these prospects in order to discuss the products face-to-face; and although sales didn’t happen overnight, this is what did happen.

We made a call to a company on behalf of our client and after various objections they expressed an interest so we could book the appointment.  A week later the sales manager attended a meeting, which developed into him sending a quote. BY now, a few weeks had passed since the original call and we were asked to follow up on the quote.  We did this a few times but could not get through to the decision maker so we left messages. Last week, the prospect’s Sales Director called our client and placed a massive order with them and because it is a call-off order it will cover the whole of 2017. 

Needless to say, we received a massive thank you from our client complete with a huge bottle of Champagne and a beautiful bouquet of flowers because they are so grateful for our continual calling. 

And why am I telling you this, because it’s not about getting the appointment, it’s not about attending the appointment, it is all about following up. We never stop following up. We believe that if you keep talking to potential clients and never make assumptions, you’ll often be pleasantly surprised by the results.   

Posted by Lesley Roberts on 12 April 2017 | permalink | comment

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